Fursland Cottage

Moorlinch, Somerset

The existing farmhouse was made up of a series of interconnected rooms with little relationship between each space. The family needed to have a better-shared space and to create a heart to the house whilst retaining some enclosed living spaces. The proposal has extended the farmhouse to provide a kitchen / dining space with large sliding glass doors looking out onto the mature gardens with a utility and downstairs w.c with a functional yet stylish glazed side door. A new staircase, replacing an existing narrow and dark set within the old farmhouse provides a galleried landing over the dining area to a new master bedroom and en-suite and access through to the first floor of the original house. Large glulam timber beams create a vaulted ceiling and a series of large steel beams enable the first floor to float above the glazing below.

Date: August 2016

Client: Private

Status: Completed

Location: Moorlinch, Somerset [Sedgemoor District Council]

Services: Measured Survey, Architectural Design, Householder Planning Application, Building Regulation Package

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