Fivehead, Somerset

re:DSGN Ltd was asked at a very early stage to work with the owners of a very complex site situated in the village of Fivehead, Somerset. After carrying out a site visit and site analysis, the restrictions of the site including its complex woodland environment and the wildlife/protected species that this supported began to quickly form a brief that was presented back to our clients. Working closely with Clive Miller Planning (Planning Consultants) and other expertise as required we formed a strong and detailed scheme for the development of three contemporary woodland homes. This sensitive site also required a large element of public consultation and as such the proposals were presented at relevant key stages to the parish council and members of the public. Our engagement with the public led to positive support for the scheme and enabled the proposals to be approved using delegated powers by South Somerset District Council.

The design principles have led to a low impact contemporary scheme for three new build properties. Working with the ecology of the site we have retained as many of the existing trees as possible whilst planting a better range of native examples and improved maintenance of the whole site. The properties have been designed to use modular offsite construction on a screw pile foundation system to limit ground works to protect the integrity of site ecology. The contemporary design maximises natural daylight through large areas of glazing and its orientation which in turn creates a positive link with the woodland environment. A mix of single storey and two storey elements create good family sized homes whilst keeping mass and scale to a minimum, green roofs provide replacement and enhanced fauna lost through the footprint of the units whilst also reducing the impact of rainwater run off. All three properties are identical in plan to enable offsite production options but have individual cladding elements giving a unique texture or finish to each unit. Using sustainably grown natural timber cladding, these materials will weather within the woodland environment allowing them to blend in with their surroundings.

Date: January 2019

Client: Private

Status: Planning Approved

Location: Fivehead, Somerset [South Somerset District Council]

Services: Site Analysis, Architectural Design, Public Consultation

Design Team: re:DSGN Ltd [Architectural Design] Clive Miller Planning Ltd [Planning Consultants], Philip Reeder Surveys Ltd [Topographical Survey], Hellis Arboricultural & Landscape Design [Landscape Design], Arbortech [Environmental Tree Care], Bellamy Transport Consultancy [Highways], Abbas Ecology [Ecologists]

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