Merricks Farmyard

Middlezoy, Somerset

The private client of a large village center Grade II Listed Farmhouse and Farmyard approached re:DSGN initially for a site appraisal. It was very quickly established that the Farmhouse was in a state of disrepair and would unlikely be an attractive element of a larger development proposal to the site, so this element was put on the market and sold. We were then re-approached to work on producing a sensitive scheme to convert the remaining two listed brick barn structures and provide a number of new build properties to compliment the site. The farm had been in the client’s family for many years and so they wanted to leave a legacy within the village they had grown up in. Our proposal was to do simple conversions of the existing barns, removal of all the steel framed barns on the site and develop three new build contemporary barn type dwellings that would not detract from the listed structures on the site but be of a modern and agricultural design.

Date: August 2017

Client: Private

Status: Planning

Location: Middlezoy, Somerset [Sedgemoor District Council]

Services: Site Appraisal, Measured Building Survey, Architectural Design, Planning Support

Design Team: re:DSGN Ltd [Architectural Design], Clive Miller Associates [Planning Consultants], Julian Burrows Ltd [Structural Engineer], Context One [Archaeological Consultants], Quantock Ecology [Environmental Consulting]

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